Tonight’s Paleo Meal Is Brought To You By Tilapia

29 04 2013

I was in charge of making dinner tonight so I figured I would make food the way Mayor West gained the Latino vote in Quahog…

Seriously though, I thought I’d make some delicious fish with a light salt and pepper mix with some garlic and olive oil.


I just used some olive oil on the foil and put a piece of fish on, oiled the top and dropped the seasoning on top.


Pre-heated the oven to 350 and ran it for 15+ minutes.


While I was making the fish, i also made up a set of asparagus with similar seasonings.


So here it is folks: One of my yummy fish pockets!


Hey! What’s that ominous X for???!?! ;). I’ll tell ya… it rhymes with Ghost Pepper Salt!


Wow, Where Have I Been???!?!

29 04 2013

So much time in between posts!  I guess it’s time for some catch up.  Personally, life has been decent to me but I’ve not been decent to myself.  Since going back to the office I’ve gained quite a bit of weight back and I’ve started eating into an oblivion. It’s really starting to show.  I’m not happy, to say the least. With that being the case, it’s time to take a ride with the family and make some life changes. This weekend we dumped all of our “crap” food and are making the final steps to making the house completely Paleo.



Clean eating and just watching what we eat will be the key.  Just the shear act of watching what I ate, starting Thursday night-ish, I started dropping a few pounds already.  (Most likely water and stuff, but it’s a good start!)  Keeping dietary restrictions and hitting the gym consistently will keep this lifestyle change moving right along.

Now that the Paleo movement is happening around here, I’ll have some stuff to blog about.  🙂

Heading to NYC in a few weeks…

31 10 2012

This trip happens every year.  Sometimes to other places but normally to New York City.  If you’ve been living under a rock, then you don’t know what Hurricane Sandy was.  Here’s a hint of what it was capable of…

(Check out more pics from the UK rag,

The MTA is pretty screwed right now.  It looks like we might have to postpone our trip or go somewhere else.  IF we do go, I imagine it will be like some sort of post-apocalyptic mission or something.  Either way, we are going to take so many pictures, it’s not even funny!  We may not be able to eat our way through the city like we normally do since many of them will be in the middle or recontruction.  Hopefully, little places like Pepe Rosso To Go are still OK.  It would be a shame to see that one go due to Sandy.

Speaking of food and NYC, here is an ever eveolving map to our culinary delights through New York.

I also found this embeddable page that will show you the current status of what the MTA is doing and how the city is recovering on the municipal transport level.
(Embedding is disabled on WordPress so here’s the link:


Friday WTF??!?!?! ;)

17 08 2012

Today’s Friday What(TF) is brought to you by:  Horrible Parenting.

Friday What – Dude Eats a Box of Pop-Its!

6 07 2012

Independence Day just passed as Hump Day.  Many parts of the country are celebrating this weekend.  So is our local area.  Keeping in step with the rest of the world, here’s my Friday What to ‘Murica!

Got bored and took a break from a ton of gaming last night

13 06 2012


So I finally got an Xbox360 a few months ago and have been using it relgiously for one reason or another since. For almost a year now, I’ve been sitting on a sizable bucket of Pyssla (pearler) beads from Ikea with intentions of doing something cool with them.  Last night was that night.

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It’s the little things in life…

8 06 2012


Last weekend, in the middle of the woods, we ordered a new vacuum off of an infomercial through the internet. Isn’t technology great?

Well today, we pull in from work and there’s a nice big box from Amazon. OUR VACUUM IS HERE! OUR VACUUM IS HERE! 😀

I gotta say that this thing was a breeze to assemble and makes me ill thinking that I swept up not even 2 days ago and this “no loss of suction” beast was able to.muster up this…


And for those in the cheap seats, here’s a closeup…


The sealed system is really convenient and is really easy to dump. All the tools are nice and solid. The cool part is the pet brush tool.  It has a little geared, air powered turbine that doesn’t quit even with loose fabrics. 

As far a vacuums go, this thing is impressive. Believe me, I’ve always wanted a Ball but have never used anything from Dyson but a Blade, I can’t really make a comparison. Fact is, it does what it says it is supposed to do and is worth every penny.

The cats are happy we got it too!



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