Friend or foe?

21 03 2012

Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I am strong enough, I promise that I won’t cry. But what I don’t promise is that I’ll take a bullet for you, that I’ll be there all the time, and that I’ll wait forever. Forever is just a figure of speech, there isn’t such a thing that exist of that nature. 

You can’t love someone forever, it’s impossible. There are no real words to explain this, but you can take my word for it. On the other hand, love can be shown many different ways. What is love exactly? Is it a feeling? An emotion? Or just our imaginations? 

When you love someone, its hard to suddenly just stop. People can try to change your mind, but it won’t change anything. You’ll still feel the same just like before. Love is never-ending, but it isn’t forever.  

I try to show people who are close to me, what its like to stop loving someone suddenly. It is harsh, and rude, but sometimes it just has to be. Love can make you go insane, it can really turn you around in the wrong direction. Love can be your friend and it can be your foe.

Choose wisely.


Thoughts Written by a Puppet

8 03 2012

The day when you finally realize that it is just not worth it anymore. When you look at the motionless clock above your head and notice that it hasn’t moved in years, and then you finally come back around to say that you’re sorry, I’ll be gone. You’ll have lost your chance, lost your dream and lost your mind. When you finally realize that everyone has forgotten, that no one cares, you will only then figure out that you don’t always get a second chance.

The day when you notice that I have finally left you, no one will understand why. They will only sit around and begin to imagine a number of different scenarios. When the sky turns gray on a bright sun-shiny day, you will then begin to think of me and ponder about where I am.  Only then will you begin to cry, and suffer the pain that I had to endure all those months when you were away.

I wish I could tell you, but have been restrained, how many different feelings that fill my body, and the various thoughts that run through my mind – things that I could tell you but choose not to. My masters have sewn my mouth shut and have kept me away from the world for several months. Every once and awhile, they will grab my strings and watch me dance.

When they said that time is ticking, go for it, or hurry up, they were right, I can’t keep waiting, but you can’t stick around. I always ask myself if I can handle this right now, and I always come the conclusion the hard way. The result is always the same, somehow, with the strings still attached.



Thoughts on my mind

4 03 2012

When the world is all gray and dull, light it up with a smile. When someone hands you lemons, make the best lemonade that you can. Understand that there is no one out there like you. You are a special individual. Know that the world would not be the same without you.

When the popular girls make fun of you, and you feel like crawling in a corner or punching them in the face, that is not going to get you anywhere in life, except for the principle’s office. Please note: You must be more responsible to not do this.

Later in life, you will realize that it will get easier to be honest with yourself and to be more realistic about what is going on within your life. Take control.

When life gets you down, it ‘ll be hard, but stand up and dust yourself off. Push through the pain. Brush the knots of your hair. Wash the dirt off of your face. Fight for your life. Fight to survive in the sea of idiots who keep pushing you farther into the ground.

“This is your life, do something about it, or someone else will.”

4 03 2012

There is always someone in the world that has your back. Someone who accepts you for who you are. This person to me is one of my best buds. I am not sure if he/she knows this, but they are, and I keep screwing with it.

I keep messing things up in my life, making more destructive drama in my path.  There is no reason for it, no reason at all. What I don’t understand is why I do it at all. I mean I just destroy EVERYTHING I touch I am working on fixing my relationships with the true friends that I have, starting now.

I am not saying that I feel sorry for myself, but that I feel sorry for the other people in my life that have put up with me. I know that I put a lot of weight on everyone’s shoulders when they already have their own problems to take care of.

I am going to be a better person. Someone who doesn’t have to rely on her friends, making sure that I don’t throw anyone under the bus anymore, I will be honest, more reliable, trustworthy, and caring towards others. I will be the one to listen instead of the one to talk.


February – the (not so) Loving month

4 03 2012

February, February, oh, how you have brought brightly colored candies and hearts, when the great feeling is spread all throughout the air, it will bring some joyful smiles and to others, some playful laughs. But February, when you say that it is a great day to be loved, do you realize that some people don’t feel that? Or do you see it and just keep on going about your business? February, February, when say that it is ok, it’s really not. So don’t say that it is.

February, you bring joys and happiness to  the world on the 14th. Those joys will bring smiles and giggles.  Some gigglier than others. When that day comes back around, you will just laugh right in our faces and make snarky comments about us will be ignored.

Now you are almost gone and will soon be forgotten. For this is not yet your time to shine. You now lay in your bed, unmade, and soon you will fall into a deep sleep and find yourself gone.

I hope that you will take note of where you are in the world, but also take note of why you are here.


30 12 2011

It is finally here. The new year has finally arrived and it will bring new things. I know that this is going to be a better year for everyone. But everyone at school is freaking out because it is going to turn 2012 and that is when the world is supposed to end… Oh my gosh! *GASP!* Quit freaking out. It is just a myth. 


I want to start the new year off on the right foot. I will work smarter not harder. I will use my free time to spend with friends. I will pass my exams. I will make this year better. I will work on being a better person.

This is my new year and I am going to make it one of the best.


TMBG Concert – Number Two!

18 09 2011

TMBG is the awesomest band EVER. I went to my second They Might Be Giants concert last night in Detroit and I had a lot of fun. They have a new album and we have been trying to listen to it in the car but I haven’t memorized any of them except Cloisonne.

I really wanted them to play Dr. Worm but they didn’t. (sad face) But oh well. I hope they play it at the next one I go to. But I love They Might Be Giants.






John and John are awesome singers but they are funny.

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